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For the welfare of our dolphins

Research on Marine Mammals

Our dolphins are the heart of our organization, which is why we have the responsibility to direct all our efforts towards their welfare. We have developed the Animal Welfare Program that complies with the specific necessities and characteristics of our dolphins and the habitats in which they evolve.

This program starts with the elaboration of a healthy and balanced diet specific to each dolphin, taking into account its calorie and nutritional intake and characteristics such as age, sex, stage of development and reproductive condition.

Our veterinary medicine model is based, first and foremost, on the prevention of illnesses. Every day, before opening the doors to visitors, our specialists in animal care follow a revision protocol to detect any physical or behavioral changes in our dolphins. We also carry out regular blood tests, analyses of stomach contents, mycoses and other infections in order to identify health changes at an early stage.

The relationship between the dolphins and their care specialist is based on trust and communication. The carers communicate with sign language and through an “operant conditioning” process that consists in rewarding a dolphin for its actions and efforts with food and pats. The dolphins also enjoy periods of stimulation and interaction with their social group; we give them objects to play with such as balloons, floats, hoops and mattresses.

In terms of facilities, the interaction habitats are safe and adequate, not only due to their compliance with legal standards and design but also because the quality of the water is kept at its optimum and is regularly monitored by the Mexican authorities.

Finally, this program complies with our country’s legal protectionism framework regarding wildlife. Since 2002, the capture of marine mammals is prohibited and their importation and exportation and that of their body parts is banned since 2006.


Animal Welfare Program Delphinus

Dolphin Breeding


Delphinus presents the highest number of successful births.




Based on preventive medicine and rigorous monitoring of each dolphin.




We have a specialized laboratory for integral diagnoses.


Specialists in dolphin
training and care


Strong bonds of trust and affection are
created between Care Specialists and dolphins.




Biologists and veterinarians work towards providing the dolphins with the besthealth
and quality of living.



Our love and passion for dolphins makes us better every day

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