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Dolphins are at the heart of our organization. Our animal welfare and environmental conservation programs promote fun and learning experiences across our 7 locations in Quintana Roo, which are designed to help you experience dolphins in balance with nature.

We are passionate about dolphins

Our goal is to give the best quality of life to the dolphins in our habitats, and thus allow thousands of people to have a unique experience with one of the most intelligent species in the ocean.

Volunteers forbeach cleaning


volunteers forbeach cleaning

Participants in school visits


participants in free of charge school visits

Ongoing scientific projects


ongoing scientific projects

 Of waste from beach cleanups

14,668 kg

of waste frombeach cleanups

How do we take care of our dolphins? 


Our priority is our dolphin buddies' well-being and the protection of marine species.

Therefore, our Animal Welfare program is focuses on five areas: a balanced diet, preventive medicine, positive training, rest and stimulation, and social development among dolphins. We strive to provide the best possible quality of life and health to our marine species.

Learn more about our dolphin family

Certifications and alliances

Learn about our conservation programs

Inside and outside our organization, Delphinus is an advocate of environmental education and dolphin conservation. Learn about our programs and become a volunteer. 

Beach and mangroves cleaning program

Since 2013, we have been committed to cleaning the coasts of Quintana Roo. We have organized 36 beach cleanups in which 5,314 volunteers have participated.
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Animal Welfare Program

We base our operation on the science of animal welfare, which includes best practices in veterinary medicine, conditioning, facility design, as well as physical and mental stimulation of the marine mammals in our care.
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Environmental Education Program

Annually, we receive between 14k and 18k students as part of this program. Quintana Roo's public school students and their teachers attend to have an educational encounter with the dolphins.
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At Delphinus we care about sustaining an ongoing conversation with nature and marine life lovers. Give us your contact information and we will gladly get back to you.