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Dolphins are the heart of Delphinus

Delphinus uses the best practices in veterinary medicine, training and facility design around the world. We strive to provide the best quality of life for our dolphins in addition to teaching all of our visitors about animal welfare through awareness campaigns.

Our dolphins' names

These are some of the members of the Delphinus sea family. Did you know most of the names of our dolphins came from Mayan words?


(The Biggest)




(Water princess)






(Princess Maya)





How do we care for them?

Implementing a comprehensive 5-step program for disease prevention and care is in place.

Swimming with dolphins in Mexico Cancun riviera Maya

Healthy and balanced diet 

Our veterinarian team cares for the dolphins with a balanced, customized diet based on their age, sex, physical condition and weight. In the case of pregnant or lactating females, a special diet is created to meet their needs in terms of calories and other nutrients.

Their diet consists mainly of herring, capelin and squid, and is enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Their weight is monitored on a daily basis so that we can keep track of their health.

Preventive medicine

The latest medical technology available for dolphins, as we partner up with universities and reputable research centers. Blood, stomach contents, mucous membrane and other tests are performed regularly to identify any changes in the dolphins' health in the early stages.

Our medical approach is based on prevention of disease rather than treatment. A screening protocol is followed every day by caregivers before any guest activity begins to detect any physical changes. If any unexpected behavioral pattern is noticed during visitors' interactions, this is reported back to veterinarians for further review.

Swimming with dolphins in Mexico Cancun riviera Maya

Swimming with dolphins in Mexico Cancun riviera Maya

Positive Training

Every day, a number of activities are done with the dolphins to prevent them from becoming bored or fed up. The dolphins’ caretakers have earned their trust because they care for them regardless of whether they are feeling ill or whether they feel like playing, being fed, or spending time together. That trust is extended to people who want to experience and learn from a dolphin.

The dolphins and their care specialists communicate through sign language. This communication is based on “operant conditioning”.

Rest and stimulation

Dolphins, just like any living thing, need rest and recreation. Delphinus takes these needs very seriously, and so the training activities and visitors’ interactions are designed to provide direct play with the dolphins for their amusement too.

Our large population allows us to spread out the groups so that interaction and rest times can overlap. If a dolphin does not feel like engaging with people, no matter the reason, they are not made to. They are just kept under observation to rule out any health problem as the root cause of their behavior.

Swimming with dolphins in Mexico Cancun riviera Maya

Swimming with dolphins in Mexico Cancun riviera Maya

Social groups

Delphinus has over 20 years of experience promoting dolphin social groups, scientifically recording their behavior and hierarchies, thus ensuring socially compatible groups.

This is fundamental because dolphins are social animals and therefore must form groups for their well-being. Dolphins learn by imitation, this is why we believe that the calves should remain with their mother, who will teach them the basics that every dolphin must learn in order to survive and live with other dolphins.

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delphinus swim with dolphins in mexico

delphinus swim with dolphins in mexico

delphinus swim with dolphins in mexico

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