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Breeding Program

In 2009, Delphinus set a Guinness World Record for having registered the highest amount of successful births in Delphinus Xcaret in 2008, achieving a survival rate of 100% for calves and pregnant females.

What is the Delphinus Breeding Program?

The Delphinus Dolphin Breeding Program began in September of 1992 with the successful birth and survival of the first Tursiops truncatus bottle-nosed dolphin calf in Mexico.

  • The program is based around the specie’s reproductive cycles: first, sexually mature dolphins are selected, then the menstrual cycles are detected in order to schedule the handling and grouping of selected males and females.
  • In order to select the sexually mature dolphins, several analyses are carried out: echograms, hormonal levels and ultrasounds to determine testicular size.
  • Our veterinary specialists and trained staff ensure the daily health and wellbeing of each of our dolphins. Clinical analyses and previous ultrasound studies help us closely monitor the females during the gestation period.
  • A dolphin’s offspring measures approximately 3.2 ft (1 mt.) at birth and weighs around 33 pounds (15 kg). The first year in a dolphin's life is considered to be the most critical because the development of antibodies and natural defenses required to survive are obtained through the mother’s care and breast feeding during the first few weeks. After this, the calf starts producing its own antibodies while still breastfeeding for another year or two.