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Dolphin Veterinary Care

It is vital for us to ensure the welfare of dolphins, which is why we have a strict Health Program, based on the concept of preventive medicine and the rigorous monitoring of each dolphin. Knowing the characteristics of each dolphin is vital in this task and this is only possible thanks to the collaboration between veterinarians, biologists and Care Specialists.


The general purpose of the Dolphin Health Program

Veterinarians must ensure optimal health conditions for each of our dolphins. To do so, they develop lines of research, using the most advanced information and diagnostic tools available.

This is achieved based on the following 3 points:

  • Daily monitoring of food and supplements.
  • Daily observation and registry of the dolphins' behavior, diet and health. Veterinary quarterly monitoring of each dolphin specie.
  • Sampling blood, stool, stool bacteriology and spiracle, revision of gastric contents and cytology, ultrasound and review of physiological constants.

These are some of the veterinary criteria that we apply to reach our final goal: the welfare of dolphins.

swim-with-dolplhins-in-mexico-veterinary-1.jpgVeterinary Care Dolphis - Delphinus

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